Our Practice

Our Office Building

Dr. Hank Gakavian’s general dental practice provides excellent and gentle care for patients of all ages. Conveniently located in the Musgrove Medical Arts Building in Silver Spring, MD, next door to Verizon, it is easily accessible via major roads and public transportation, with ample free parking.

Our staff is highly experienced in the dental field, and can address all of your clinical or financial concerns. Our comfortable office is large enough to provide comprehensive services, but small enough that you will receive personalized attention during your appointment.

Each of our modern treatment rooms utilizes a computer and digital radiography (x-rays). The Schick Digital X-Ray System provides patients with many benefits including reduced exposure to radiation and instant on-screen images.

We have a selection of short videos that can be viewed regarding your treatment. We also use a self-contained water system (distilled water), which greatly reduces the chances of contamination from using regular tap water. Additionally, we adhere to very strict and up-to-date sterilization and infection control protocols.

While we provide a wide variety of comprehensive dental services, there are instances that require us to refer you to various dental specialists. We maintain relationships with multiple board-certified practitioners in all fields, and will work closely with you and them to coordinate your care to provide the best solution to your individual dental needs.

Prior to your initial visit, we will work with you over the phone to determine the need to have dental x-rays or records from a previous dentist. We will also assist in gathering information concerning your dental health benefits so that your appointment will be productive and meet your health care needs.

Caring for You

Dr. Gakavian and his staff believe that long-term dental health depends on an accurate and comprehensive examination. Every new patient is thoroughly evaluated for dental decay, gum disease and oral cancer. Our modern digital x-ray system will assist us in this process

At times we will suggest a comprehensive care treatment plan that includes dental specialists outside of our practice. This allows us to be certain that patients requiring a multi-disciplinary approach will have access to the best coordinated treatment.

Our dental hygienists provide quality care cleanings with a gentle touch. They utilize the latest in equipment and technology in order to provide you with the most thorough and comfortable care possible.

Our Staff

Dr. Gakavian received his undergraduate degree from The University of Maryland, College Park. He attended and received his dental degree from The University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1989. Wanting to stay and serve in the community in which he had grown up, he began his private practice soon after graduation. Dr. Gakavian and his wife, Lynne, reside in Burtonsville with their two children. In his spare time Dr. Gakavian enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and golfing.

There are also five staff members in our office ready to serve you. All are professional and courteous and it is not unusual that you will be greeted with a warm hello even though they may not be a part of your appointment on that day.

Our administrative department includes Lili, our smiling office manager, and Suzanne our effervescent and ever so efficient receptionist and administrative assistant. As former dental assistants, both Lili and Suzanne have extensive dental knowledge and can answer many of your questions. Together, they will assist you in every aspect of your experience in our practice from making your appointments to guiding you through the details of your dental insurance.

Esther and John, our extremely talented and professional hygienists, round out our hygiene department. Both provide the gentle care you would expect during your hygiene visit. Our patients rely upon them for the proper recommendations for their individual hygiene concerns and Esther and John are sure to offer the highest quality care.

Raquel, our energetic dental assistant, is the newest of our staff. She works hand in hand with Dr. Gakavian to facilitate dental procedures. She is also responsible for disinfecting the operatories for your health and safety as well as the management of instrument sterilization and laboratory cases.

Lili Jenny John
Raquel   Esther

Policies & Important Info

Your First Appointment

We welcome new patients and seek to make your appointment as easy as possible. Once your first appointment is made, please go to the Form section of our website and print the first four forms to complete and bring with you to your appointment. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment in case there are any questions. Our office values your time and places a priority on operating in a timely manner. If there is any delay on our part we will inform you upon your arrival.

If we determine that you already have current and relevant radiographic images, we ask that you visit the records transfer form section of our website to copy and provide a form to your previous dental office(s) so we will have all necessary records at the time of your first visit. We also ask that you have all Bite-Wing images that are less than one year old to be sent to our office. Please also have any Full Mouth Series and Panographs that are less than five years old sent to us.

Transfer of Records

Please have radiographs (x-rays) and any records sent to administrator@drgakavian.com. Kindly note that this address is not for routine communication such as requesting prescriptions or to cancel appointments. It is solely for communication between us and other doctor’s offices. Please call our office for all administrative matters in order we can serve you in a timely manner.


For our patients of record Dr. Gakavian can be reached for dental emergencies during regular business hours by contacting the office at 301-236-0660. For emergencies after business hours please call 301-742-2596 and leave a message including name, phone number and a brief description of your emergency. For those times that Dr. Gakavian is not available, a local dentist will be on call for him.

Please do not use the emergency number for administrative matters such as making appointments. Contact our office during normal business hours for all non-emergency related issues.

Specialists Care Emergencies

If Dr. Gakavian has referred you to a specialist and you have an emergency pertaining to the treatment received while you are under the care of a specialist, please contact the office of the specialist with your concern as the doctor will be most familiar with your case and can best answer and meet your needs. For example, if you were seen by an oral surgeon to remove a tooth and there is a problem with pain or swelling at the extraction site, please contact the oral surgeon’s office.

Canceling Appointments

If you are unable to keep your appointment we ask that you give us 48 hours notice prior to your appointment. If you are unavoidably delayed we would appreciate your consideration to notify us as soon as possible in order that we may serve you most efficiently. Your appointment is our personal reservation for your care and as such we ask that you be prompt so that we can devote that time specifically set aside for you to serve your dental needs. We understand that everyone is very busy so we respect our patients’ time, thus, it may be necessary to reschedule an appointment for late arrivals in order that we maintain the integrity of the schedule. Our goal is to do our very best to ensure that you are seen and treated at the time we appointed for you.

Appointment Notification

We will contact you by either email or text message (your choice) 4 days prior to your appointment as a courtesy reminder. Repeated missed appointments may require us to charge a cancellation fee or to terminate our dentist/patient relationship with you since we schedule a specific period of time for each patient.

Charges and Collection Fees

Dr. Gakavian and his staff will work with you concerning the payment and financial arrangement of your treatment in our office. Prior to your procedure we inform you of the overall expense and what your responsibility as the patient will be. Please come prepared to pay the anticipated fees at the time of treatment.

In the case of a multiple appointment treatment, we ask for approximately 50% of the patient responsibility cost at the time of the first visit and the remaining balance at the last visit.

We do not send monthly statements as we seek to keep our overhead as low as possible. We prefer to focus our attention on you as a patient meeting your needs rather than adding administrative expenses to our services. We accept Debit Cards, Visa, Master Card, American Express, personal checks and cash. There is a $35 fee for all returned checks.

Cell Phone Policy

In consideration of staff and fellow patients, we ask that you silence your cell phone and take any necessary phone conversations outside the office. In order that we use our time in the operatories efficiently, we ask that you limit your text messaging and your silent electronic device usage to the reception area only. We thank you for your understanding.